Welcome to CimMed, connecting the medical community with the latest technology for the success of their patients.

CimMed Goals:

To minimize discomfort for burn survivors as they undergo treatment, and to significantly improve treatment outcomes for burn survivors. CimMed meets these goals by providing state-of-the-art tools for you, the burn care provider. Tools and training go hand-in-hand; CimMed’s combination of tools and training is based on feedback from burn care providers and is specifically designed to give you the total and effective treatment system you need and want for your patients.

An Accurate Process

Empowerment of the Burn Survivor

Effective treatment can provide just that. What signifies effective treatment and how can it be measured? Accurately capturing and reporting data has been the major obstacle to assessing the most effective scar management techniques — until now… Here’s a brief overview of CimMed’s process:

  • A portable, non-contact scanner is used to quickly gather accurate data. Watch the video here.
  • Data is collected from any location and then transferred, via the internet, to our fabrication process center.
  • Data is reviewed with the burn care provider and refined for accuracy at the process center
  • Once data is finalized, a Compression Mask is fabricated.
  • A Compression Mask can be shipped, anywhere in the world, within 24-48 hours of the initial scan.

The Strength of Accuracy

CimMed’s strength as a company lies in our ability to give the customer:

  • A Compression Mask of the highest quality and most accurate fit
  • Delivery of a Compression Mask, anywhere in the world, within 24-48 hours of the initial scan.
  • Involvement of the treatment provider from initial scan to finished product

CimMed has created the most comprehensive system needed to assess the progress of a treatment plan over time. By collecting, comparing and analyzing data taken at various points in time throughout the treatment process, treatment providers can now obtain all the evidence needed to make significant strides in the field of burn scar management.