There are 6 necessary steps to take in order to produce a useable burn mask for burn survivors to use after skin grafting procedures. Starting with 3D scanning the patients face, creating a mold for the mask, and then vacuum forming the Silon STS plastic around that mold for a precise fit.


Step 1 – Face Scan

The patient is scanned using a non-contact hand-held 3D laser scanner called the Artec Eva. As the patient is being 3D scanned, the scan data is aligning itself in the software program simultaneously.


Step 2 – Compile Scan Data

All of the 3D scan data retrieved from the patients scan will be aligned using a 3D scanning software. CimMed application engineers will complete all editing and touch ups of the 3D scans and then send the file to the designated contact for approval.

Once the 3D Model has been made, we CNC machine the face mold to be used for vacuum forming.

Step 3 – CNC Machine Facial Mold

Once the 3D model is finalized, CimMed uses a CNC Mill to machine the patients face into a special material made of foam which will be used as a mold to create the compression mask.

Once the mask is finished, we vacuum form the Silon STS material around the facial mold.

Step 4 – Vacuum Form Plastic to Mold

The facial mold is then placed into the vacuum forming unit to begin the plastic molding process. The type of plastic used is Silon STS, a medical grade plastic specifically approved for skin and face application.

Once the Mask has finished forming, we then cut the excess plastic away from the face and remove any sharp edges.

Step 5 – Cut away excess plastic

After the mask has been made, the unnecessary plastic will be trimmed off to fit the patients face. All sharp edges will be softened to ensure a maximum amount of comfort.

After all sharp edges are removed from the mask, the mask is then ready to be used by the patient.

Step 6 – Mask is Ready for Patient Use

Once the mask has been trimmed and prepared for patient use, CimMed then ships the mask to the provided address. There are a multitude of shipping options from overnight air to standard ground depending on preference.