Scanner Systems

Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Starting at 14k, the Artec Eva 3D Scanner works just like a regular video camera, but instead of a two-dimensional image, the result is a three-dimensional one with speeds of up to 15 surfaces per second! Thus, the scanning process becomes extremely straightforward: simply walk around the object and scan it from various angles, while the accompanying software combines all the scanned images into one. Watch how easy the scanning process is in the video above.

Formech Vacuum Former


Vacuum Formers

The ideal machine designed specifically for medical applications such as burn masks, oncology, and prosthetic devices. 24″ x 24″ forming area with a 16″ depth of draw.

The 300XQ is user friendly with all the expected safety features e.g interlocks and auto stops that you would expect from a machine in this sector.

The FM660, and it’s replacement, the 686 has been designed to adhere to industry standards for forming area and sheet size. With the recent addition of its touch screen, PLC operating system, with a memory capacity for storing separate settings, tailored to specific projects, it is ideal for light – medium production runs as well as larger packaging requirements. The “Clinica” version of the 686 is also available with an upgraded vacuum filter system, designed for compatibility with customers who often require the use of “wet” molds such as clay and plaster of paris, for their forming. It is also operated by the Mitsubishi touch screen PLC operating system.